Learning Content Accessibility Spotlight

I recently talked with Sabrina, Ivett and Kim from Belvista Studios about our approach and experiences regarding Accessibility for Learning Content and our community.

Four badges from the course Data to Design by The Upskill Experience. The badges certify competencies in business and performance analysis, learning experience design and problem solving skills.

Consulting Capsule SquidFin

From Data to Design is nine weeks program by The Upskill Experience. I took this course to improve my analysis and problem-solving skills.


Why I use Anti-Goals

Anti-goals can be a very helpful resource to take action and experience progress when you don’t really know where to start or how to keep moving forward.

Teresa is walking an old train rail in the mountains of Sri Lanka.

Warum ich bei Power-M einstieg

Ich wollte den Weg in ein neues Berufsleben nicht alleine machen. Es ist wie El Camino (der Jakobsweg), wenige schaffen es alleine. Begleitet läuft sich’s besser.

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