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What are anti-goals?

They are what you are afraid of or what you don’t what to be or what you consider a worst-case scenario. Some steps to identify or set your anti-goals are:


  • Determine what you don’t want 
  • Identify barriers and blockers 
  • Envision worst case scenarios
  • Take steps toward progress
  • Revisit your anti-goals


 I think they can be very helpful to take action and experience progress. Sometimes I don’t specifically know what my goal looks like. Still, I know what I don’t want or want to avoid because it keeps me from professional or personal growth.


Social media and my anti-goal

I’m going to confess something: I’m afraid of social media. In the past, my fear of not having something valuable to share has kept me from engaging more, show my work, and becoming a better self in the exchange, and I know I have regretted it. So, my anti-goal is: Don’t let your fear of social media keep you from share and learn with others. Do you know this famous quote?

"If you don't tell your story, someone else will."

Stories are a powerful tool to engage audiences and bring about change. I’ve been a storyteller as a teacher and trainer, and now as an eLearning Developer. But I’ve been keeping my own story to myself. Well, that’s about to change now. I don’t want others to tell my story. That’s why I started to be more active on LinkedIn. By the way, I’ll be happy to connect with you there.


And if you want to learn more about Anti-Goals, I highly recommend you to read this article on Medium: The importance of Anti-Goals

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