Teresa, a light dark skinned Mexican woman with black curly hair and brown eyes smiling at the camera

Hi! I'm Teresa, a Multimedia Learning Designer based in Switzerland. I'm passionate about using visual design and storytelling to craft impactful learning experiences.

I’m a certified digital learning manager and have ten years of experience designing and facilitating training in higher education and corporate contexts. 

I'm a former language and intercultural trainer with a solid foundation in communication and learning sciences.

I have two masters in Cultural Studies.
I can research, empathize with people and gain key insights from it.

I love photography and illustrations.
I'm obsessed with illustrated books, graphic design and color.

I'm a mom with a natural talent for playing role-plays, making up songs and reading bedtime stories.

What I Value

Respect. Value people’s identities, expectations, time, intelligence, and autonomy.

Creativity. There’s nothing new under the sun. Look for inspiration to connect the dots and generate ideas to solve problems.

Excellence. Do your best to get the desired outcomes knowing that the pursuit of mastery requires challenges and failures.

Openness. Seek to create a safe environment where everybody can share, speak and listen with respect.

I also value community and collaboration. 

Do you think I can add value to your work?