“Healthy debate culture at work” is a story-driven learning experience that helps young professionals improve their communication skills towards a culture that fosters creativity and problem resolution.

The Challenge

Most employees complain about three things related to work: too many interruptions, too many emails, and last but not least, too much time spent in meetings (check out this fantastic infographic by Atlassian). Unproductive discussions and arguments are, in fact, fundamental reasons for this negative predisposition. 



Under such circumstances, it is challenging to develop an atmosphere that promotes ideas and solutions to problems. Most importantly, a hostile work atmosphere related to too many discussions can detriment employees’ health and conduct to absenteeism or turnovers. 

A slide showing fotos of your team members.

The Solution

It is crucial to help people at early career stages hone their communication skills and encourage healthy attitudes and behaviors towards discussions and disagreements. 


This short and dynamic story-driven learning experience can be implemented during the onboarding of young professionals. It is concise, visually appealing, and offers engaging follow-up resources. Above all, the interactive story allows users to practice and internalize healthy debate culture principles through decision-making, direct feedback, and reflective writing.

The Process

Responsibilities: research, instructional design, script and storyboard, graphic design, e-learning development

Target Audience: young professionals

Tools: Articulate Rise, Adobe Illustrator, Canva

Language: English
Year: 2021

I researched the topic reading different articles and identified the desired actions. scripted the scenarios, determined the look and feel and the visual narrative, and developed the final using product with Articulate Rise.

The Results

Developing this project, helped me to internalize the importance of a visual narrative to support the message you want to deliver.

Numerous users have gone through this interactive learning experience. It has been shared in social media, for instance LinkedIn, many times. 

I’ve got very positive feedback from many users and other learning designers. This story-driven learning experience is featured in the eLearning examples by the Articulate community.

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