From Data to Design

Four badges from the course Data to Design by The Upskill Experience. The badges certify competencies in business and performance analysis, learning experience design and problem solving skills.

From Data to Design is nine weeks program by Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, Owner of Your Instructional Designer and The Upskill Experience.  I took this course to improve my analysis and problem-solving skills.


I’ve been working to move from a developer to a more strategist mindset. Define a problem and architect a solution. Scratch the surface to understand business and people’s needs and find the sweet spot.


I highly recommend this program because it’s one of its kind. Nicole has put a lot of effort into designing a learning experience that makes people think, work – and, in my case – also sweat. So don’t expect a video info dump and some random knowledge checks. You will work on helping a (fictive) client and have to come up with solutions, real solutions

My consulting capsule for the fictive client Squidfin results from an extensive need analysis process. And, hey, let me tell you, my solution for the final project doesn’t involve scenario-based eLearning, ha! But it still uses storytelling to connect, inspire and change people. So this project has inspired me to explore the possibilities of social learning in connection with storytelling. 

Connect. Inspire. Change.

Let’s create meaningful learning experiences for people! I love to help other learning designers to find inspiration and thrive.


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